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What is eCount?

Is an innovative new web based tool which can provide building user’s with a snap shot on how efficiently they operate their building; eCount achieves this by guiding you through a visual journey of energy reduction and carbon emissions.

The software is based on the tried and tested government approved software and has already been used by a number of satisfied customers who have found it easy to use and extremely informative..

Be ESOS smart with the eCount Standard

The Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is a mandatory scheme for organisations in the UK that meet the qualification criteria. Organisations that qualify must carry out ESOS assessments every 4 years. These assessments are audits of the energy used by their building, industrial processes and transport to identify cost effective energy saving measures. Building assessments can be made easily and effectively using eCount.

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Ecount is a powerful assessment tool that can be used for an individual building assessment or for undertaking compliance audits across any number of buildings; it focuses on the energy reporting and analysis requirements of ESOS and follows the Good Practice Guidance for measuring energy consumption.

eCount sits at the heart of the ESOS process by providing an energy software and quality assured system to Sample correctly, Analyse data adequately, Target improvements, satisfy Audit and provide invaluable information and Reports; the eCount SATAR process.

eCount Press Release

"The preferred measure under ESOS is energy consumption in Kwh but cost is also acceptable and eCount can report on either using conversion factors. However, the eCount standard is multi-dimensional and can interrogate and report on a variety of attributes such as building type, location, benchmarks etc. eCount will easily identify poor performing buildings which have good prospects for improvement as well key information on high performing buildings and how they achieve excellence.

The rules used for consumed data and associated methodology mirror those used for Display Energy Certificates (DEC) and are therefore ESOS compliment by using ‘verifiable data’ as its primary source of information which is subject to similar auditing regime. As such eCount is well suited to existing DEC assessors who are accredited and accustomed to retrieving and working with this kind of data and information.

ESOS has provision to use approved methods to estimate data such as direct comparison, pro-rata and benchmarking which also comply with the requirements of a DEC assessment. All these methods are accommodated in eCount within defined boundaries and can be easily applied by a Lead Assessors.

The flexible nature of eCount enables both the ‘ESOS Participant’ and ‘Lead Assessor’ to understand and satisfy the requirements of ESOS through clear headline data and detailed interrogation and reporting tools. eCount can be used by a single lead assessor or the lead assessor can oversee the conduct and quality of multiple users engaged to provide data for the eCount system.

The eCount standard is the way to become ESOS smart with respect to buildings; it is flexible, powerful, reliable informative, compliant and can be used to support ESOS, Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies and help engage staff in saving energy. It is reasonably priced and capitalises on existing well tried and tested DEC Conventions and engages qualified assessors in the delivering the ESOS requirements for qualifying customers."