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We are going to be getting out and about visiting all of our customers over the next few weeks.


Patrick Brady is now joining the Lifespan Team to bring more focus to our customer care activities. Patrick has been with pt for over 3 years and will now include all Lifespan customers as part of his Customer Relations responsibilities.


Throughout the next 2-3 months, he will be visiting Lifespan customers across England and Wales. The purpose of these visits is to grab some face to face time with customers for a general catch up about Lifespan, how customers are getting on, where we can improve etc. In advance of these initial visits we will drop you a note to check if you are available on a specific day/time and also include a short a questionnaire.  You could fill this out and return it ahead of Patrick’s visit or just have a think about the questions posed and have a chat over them on his visit.