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3 handy tips to think about when creating a custom report

Posted by Salma Crisp

1. Play with the different types of report template as they each have different benefits and can help you improve the content and look of your custom reports. For example, a maintenance count report is a great alternative to a planned maintenance reports as it gives you similar information but looks at the number of units to be replaced in each year. This can be really beneficial when doing cost smoothing work as it can be easier to move numbers of components around than lump sums of money when you are trying to smooth out your peaks.

2. I like to add in the columns of items that I am filtering against. Doing this means I can visually quickly assess if my filters are working correctly and if I need to make adjustments. You can always delete them out or hide them once you have verified your content if they are not required. For example, if I was creating a report to look at information in just one ward I would add “ward” in to my report as a column and the “ward name” I am looking at in as a filter. When I then look at my report I can quickly scan down my data to verify that only the ward I have filtered against has been included.

 3. “And” or “Or” filters can sometimes be difficult to understand. In principal when you are using an “And” filter you are looking for one piece of information and another. So is a property none compliant for decent homes and has a SAP of less than 65. If it was an “Or” then you would be looking for a none compliant property or a property with a SAP less than 65. So It is important to think about what you are looking for but also remember that some properties will only exist under one criteria. For example, a property can only exist in one ward. So if you tried filtering for a property that was in “Bedgrove” ward and “Southcourt” ward then you would get 0 results in this instance you would have to use an “or” filter rather than a “and”.

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