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5 key checks of any good asbestos register

Posted by Salma Crisp An asbestos register could possibly hold hundreds or thousands of risk assessments and it is not unusual for one property to have a number of suspect material assessments. These assessments will provide information about the suspect material its location, condition, surface treatment and possibly a whole host of other informa... [More]

3 handy tips to think about when creating a custom report

Posted by Salma Crisp 1. Play with the different types of report template as they each have different benefits and can help you improve the content and look of your custom reports. For example, a maintenance count report is a great alternative to a planned maintenance reports as it gives you similar information but looks at the number of unit... [More]

2 key parts to the Homes and Communities Agency Regulatory framework

Posted by Salma Crisp Recent market instability has caused uncertainty in many sectors and social housing has seen incidents of significant financial difficulties effect housing associations. The most well documented of which was Cosmopolitan Housing Group. In response to this, the Homes Communities Agency (HCA) introduced the new Regulatory fram... [More]

How smart are your homes?

Smart Homes Conference and Exhibition 13th July – 9am to 5pm University of Salford, Adelphi House, The Crescent, Salford M3 6EN Smart homes mean more than simply technology used in a traditional house, referring instead to designed-in advancement; homes build with the future in mind. By harnessing the potential of technological a... [More]

How to achieve WHQS success

All of your homes need to be compliant with Welsh Housing Quality Standards   The Welsh Housing Quality Standard (WHQS) is a standard the Welsh Assembly Government expects all social housing to meet. This essential FREE lunchtime webinar shows you how to approach WHQS and use technology to make the most out of your data and commun... [More]

Important notice: Lifespan Section 11 – Roofs

Symptoms A number of instances have recently occurred whereby EAs are not making the correct use of the software to record the roof detail within the domestic energy assessment. When inputting the roof details for your property, there is a box to select “Access to Loft”, this tells the calculation engine that you have accessed the loft... [More]

SBEM (Scotland) 5.2g and Section 63 Learn how the changes will affect you


Important Lifespan SBEM v5.2.g update

Important notice regarding the release of SBEM 5.2.g

Urgent notice regarding lodgements and the release of Lifespan SBEM v5.2.g